Box RH/T wireless transmitter unit

The wall mounting transmitter RH/T Box, has a digital sensor that can be easily and quickly replaced by the end user, restoring the original performances of the device without any need of calibration.

The Wireless Box RH/T can measure and transmit the following data:

  • Relative Humidity (RH%)

  • Air temperature

  • Equilibrium moisture content (EMC)

  • Battery status


technical specifications

  • Built-in sensors: 1 for RH / Temperature sensor 1 for air temperature

  • Power supply: 3 for Lithium interchangeable battery 3,6VAA size extended temperature

  • Battery life: Up to 2 years in continuous use

  • Transmission frequency: FSK

  • Transmission distance: Approximately 50m in free space

  • Transmission period: Approx. 15"

  • Transmission indicator: Internal red led

  • Setting: Device address 1÷32 Receiver address (kiln dryer) 1÷8

  • Temperature range: -20 ÷ 85°C

Optional connector

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