The special sensor built in the MT10 meter makes it perfectly suitable to measure very thin wood,such as slices or veneer. The thickness of the materila can be selected in a range from 0,6 to 4,8mm.

MoisTest 20 is particularly suitable for measuring the humidity of solid wood elements with a flat and regular surface.


MoisTest 30 is especially suitable to measure the moisture content in solid wood elements having irregular or curved surface, thanks to its rugged, stainless steel, external sensor.

The most modern and reliable measuring device, combines traditional precision with the possibility of using different calibration standards and with new functions for recording measurements and creating reports

The most traditional of the contact meters, characterized by a high penetration in depth, suitable for quick and essential use.

Traditional type insertion meter, for those looking for an essential tool


Panel instrument for in-line timber measurement. Born to be associated with an electrode insertion automatism (not supplied), it makes the measurement in line within everyone's reach

Turn your meter into a monitoring tool for the drying oven


Panel measuring instrument for continuous display of wood moisture