Simplified software for heat treatment.

SmartHT is a PC software intended for the foreign market capable of producing HT (Heat Treatment) certificates based on the requirements of the IPPC-FAO.

SmartHT makes your PC capable of reading up to eight temperature probes and, if combined with the LG29 power unit, transforms it into a complete control system for your oven, capable of controlling both temperature and humidity. in the cell.

Available in the version with temperature measurement and reports production only or in the complete version which also allows oven control, it is particularly suitable for systems where there is a single treatment oven and where it is not required to also dry the material.

The system has two room temperature sensors (one of which can be used as a wet bulb for determining humidity) and 6 wood temperature probes (another 8 available as an option).

Technical specifications

- Measurement of wood / air temperature with NTC sensors (max 105 ° C)

- Fully automatic HT treatment cycle (control version)

- Ability to control temperature and humidity in the cell (control version - wet bulb bath not included in the supply)

available versions

- C001584 6T. Wood, 2 T. Air


- C002492 14 T. Wood, 2T. Air


- C001234 6T. Wood, 2 T. Air, kiln control


- C002493 14 T. Wood, 2T Air, kiln control

the supply includes:



- 1 x Software (to be installed on a Windows7 PC or higher)

- 1 x USB485 interface for PC

- 1 x LG55 address 4 (Acquisition device for 8 probes)

- 1 x Probe connection box inside the oven (6 + 2 probes)

- 8 x temperature probes



Same as C001584 plus:

- 1 x LG55 address 5

- 1 x Probe connection box (8 probes)

- 8 x temperature probes


C001234 / C002493


Same as C001584 / C002492 plus:

- 1 x LG39 Relay output unit

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