Logica's Mission Statement

In Logica H&S we are aware  that every profession is growing day by day in complexity.

For this reason, from 1991 to today, our goal is to create increasingly reliable and advanced electronic products, which support the user without forcing him to acquire specific experiences in other sectors.

Our CONTROL SYSTEMS for drying wood and MEASURING SYSTEMS for wood moisture (and other materials) marketed worldwide, reflect this philosophy, hiding sophisticated functions behind refined aspects and simplified user interfaces. In particular, we offer our customers:

  • High quality products with advanced and expandable features equipped with simple and intuitive interfaces, to satisfy all types of users.

  • A TWO year warranty on our products.

  • A solid after-sales service with direct and immediate connection with the technical office (telephone / e-mail / remote connection).

  • Availability of all the necessary spare parts, from the single screw to the most complex electronic board (all our products, strictly MADE IN ITALY, are developed and produced internally, therefore our assistance laboratory is able to intervene directly and in a very short time).


Good work with Logica H&S products