wireless sensors receiver

LG34 is the heart of the system, which receives the data transmitted from all the active wireless sensors positioned into the operative range of the system.
It recognizes the kind of sensors connected and sort them on basis of their number and typology.

The collected data can be stored into the memory of LG36 (data logging mode) or re-transmitted immediately to the devices connected through the RS485 serial interface.

The available protocols are KilnBus and the industry standard ModBus, suitable for connection to PLC based systems

technical specifications

  • Power supply: 24Vac/dc +/-20% 2W

  • Work temperature range: 0-60°C

  • Interface: RS485

  • Protocol: ModBus / KilnBus selectable

  • Max sensors: up to 40 (255 with polling buffer FIFO)

mechanical features

  • Aluminum case 171x121x55mm

  • Connecting via screw connectors. Max wire section: 2,5 mm2

The LogicaH&S WIRELESS SENSORS SYSTEM is compatibile with the following kiln-bus controls system:

  • dTouch control system (Automatic/Semi-automatic - graphic, color, touch screen LCD)

  • Delphi control system (Automatic - graphic LCD)

  • M900* control system (Automatic - LED)

* discontinued product

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