LG 31 - MC

LG31 - MC

LG31 is an instrument developed to continuously measure the humidity of the timber. Supplied into a practical case suitable for panel mounting (DIN), it is the simplest and cheapest solution to survey the progress of the drying cycle in your kiln.


It has 4 timber probes inputs plus one temperature probe input for automatic compensation of timber moisture readings. In addition it allows to set a final moisture value and signals the end of the cycle trough a relay switching.

Suggested as cheap alternative to more advanced controllers or measuring system in addition to the existing ones.

Technical specifications

Code: C001102

  • Power supply: 230Vac ± 20% -50/60 Hz

  • 4 inputs measure for wood humidity

  • 1 measuring input for temperature

  • 1 relay output for final humidity reached

standard equipment

  • 4 silicone cables for connecting wooden probes (10 m)

  • 1 Temperature probe (10 m)

  • 30 assorted electrodes in three different lengths (15, 25 and 40 mm)

  • User manual

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