dview lite

dVIEW lite is the freeware version of dVIEW, the new software for remote control and management specific for dTOUCH series controllers.

Running on PC equipped with Windows™ XP, Vista, 7, 8 O.S., it allows to manage all the kilns of the plant from a single location (up to 32 kilns for the standard configuration).

As well as dVIEW, dVIEW lite proposes to the operator exactly the same user's interface which is available on the control panel; this makes able to work on the PC software whoever is able to work on the local panel and viceversa: the learning curve is reduced and the productivity is increased.

From the PC software the operator can perform all the operations available from the local panel; on the opposite to the commercial version, the dVIEW light version does not allow to save or print any report about the drying cycles.

Using dVIEW makes it easy to obtain the complete control of the plant through Internet, simply installing on the same PC one of the several utilities available for desktop remote management.

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