Wireless Sensors System by Logica H&S

accessories and spare parts

Stainless steel drilling template for electrodes

This stainless steel article, was designed by LogicaH&S to allow a quick and easy electrodes positioning in the timber to be measured.
With this tool and any electric screwdriver, within seconds you can insert the electrodes at the correct distance and the optimal depth to be hooked by MoistureMouse.

Code: C001657

Self-drilling stainless steel electrodes for MoistureMouse

A2 stainless steel electrodes, cross-head, suitable for use with MoistureMouse after positioning with drilling template (C001657)

Code: C001634 electrode for wood 4,8 x 16 mm *
Code: C001635 electrode for wood 4,8 x 25 mm *
Code: C001637 electrode for wood 4,8 x 45 mm *
Code: C001636 electrode for wood 4,8 x 50 mm *

* Sold in packs of 20

Supply battery for MoistureMouse

Lithium Battery 3.6V AA (Li/SOCI2) 2Ah for MoisureMouse, suitable in hot environments (with temperatures up to 100° C). Each single battery allows 5 years* of measures and can be easily changed by the user. 

Warning: Do NOT use common AA battery. You can buy directly from LogicaH&S, the replacement batteries suitable in kiln dryers.  


Code: C001685

* Battery life depends on device settings, temperature, and many other factors

Stainless steel support for antenna

Stainless steel support with no sharp edges for mounting the receiving antenna, 1 mm thick, designed by LogicaH&S and manufactured in Italy.

Code: C001885

Receiving antenna

Antenna replacement, fully weatherized, damage-resistant. Equipped with a thread to be easily attached to the stainless steel support C001885.

Electrical specifications:

- Antenna 433MHz +3d
- SMA cable lenght: 2m


Code: C002225

LG36 - Optional connector for MoistureMouse

This accessory is useful when you are forced to operate in very small spaces that do not allow the direct use of MoistureMouse instrument.

Standard length is 1m (silicone cable - other lengths are available on request)

Please visit LG36 - Optional connector for more details.